A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Tap the screen and make Knuckles soar through random green pipes so that he can rescue the Master Emerald from the evil cringy OC, Energy the Hedgehog!

Can YOU get the next high score?

Official page: http://Taking1n1.github.io/FlappyKnuckles

Oh, and before you click away, this isn't just some Flappy Bird clone I made in an afternoon (that would be version 1.0!). Flappy Knuckles has a shop to buy power-ups, unlockable characters, unlockable maps, story, cutscenes, achievements, an ascension mechanic (like prestige in Cookie Clicker or reset in Crush Crush), character-specific powers, tonnes of juicy Sonic references and more.

This is a game made by a Sonic fan, for Sonic fans!

-- NOTE --
If you encounter a glitch or a bug, please please explain what you did to encounter it and what the bug does so that hopefully I can fix it in the future. That way it makes it easier for me to find the bug you're referring to and complete it in the future.

I take no credit for the use of the assets used in-game. Full credit goes towards SEGA and Sonic Team.

Install instructions

1. Make sure you have Java 7 or above installed

2. Download the zip file

3. Extract it

4. Run the runnable JAR file


Flappy Knuckles releases

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